5 1/2″ Full Color Sculpture


Full Color Sandstone Sculpture of Your Pet, about 5 1/2″ tall

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Product Description

Each sculpture is a one-of-a-kind figurine of your pet. Our artists will take your photos and create a completely unique 3D printed sculpture of your pet. The sculpture is about 5 1/2″ (14cm) tall (or long if standing) and is made of a material that feels like sandstone (a combination of stone, gypsum and other materials). You can upload photos during the order process, or you can email/post them to us afterwards. Please refer to the name and type/breed of your pet if you email/post pictures to us later. The base of the sculpture is brass, engraved with the name of your pet. We will normally make dogs and cats into a sitting sculpture, and horses as standing sculptures. Please let us know in the comments field if you would like a different sculpture.

We produce all Arty Lobster products in London, England, so please count some extra time for shipping to the United States or other countries. Please note that all products are sold under English law.


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Arty Lobster offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like the sculpture, you can return it to us for a full refund.


five star


Captured his quirky personality perfectly

9 December 2016
Laura, England

I just wanted to say thank you for my 3D sculpture of Charlie, I love it, he’s not the easiest of colours to match but it’s captured his quirky personality perfectly! Thank you.


five star


Poppy Dutch Horse

9 May 2016
Richard, Norwich, England

I am delighted with the statue of Poppy, it is so lifelike.


five star


Troy American Shorthair

22 June 2016

We love it! The coloring and the bowtie are perfect. A little constructive feedback would be around the ears – on the sculpture they ended up a little farther back than reality, in case that’s helpful for future projects. But we’re very pleased. Thanks so much for taking care to capture our Troy’s likeness.


five star



4 July 2016
Jacqui, Trowbridge, England

Tabi Sculpture is just perfect and so like her that we were once again reduced to tears. Thank you again for all your assistance throughout the process; it is a most fitting reminder of our beautiful cat who we miss dearly.

5 1/2″ Full Color Sculpture